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the Haiti Committee

"Yellow Bird"

Haitian Folk Song


Bonjou! – Good day!

The Haiti Committee of the Cathedral and St. Bridget parishes oversees our twinning relationship with the Catholic Community of Carissade in Haiti
(a mission chapel of Sacred Heart Parish, Hinche).

Examples of sustainable life can be found all around us.

St. Bridget's annual art show theme featured sustainability this year.

"Please give prayerful consideration
providing help to our twin parish."

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Sustainability is our Goal!

The Haiti Committee has contracted with the Caritas Diocese of Hinche to undertake a needs assessment within the Carissade community to better help them identify their own needs to address, enabling their community to continue towards their goal of independence.

The Committee's Mission is to provide continued support and collaboration during Carissade's transitional times.

To better know what a Caritas needs assessment entails, view/download a similar study they performed in 2008 for the community of Thomassique.

.........Needs Assessment.

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"Who's Who in Carissade"

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Last Updated: 4-15-2014